Originally from Northern California, Tori has an affinity for creating spaces that incorporate the Northern California sense of style - airy and organic.  At heart, Tori is a minimalist who likes to keep her designs light and calm with a more neutral palette.  In this context she uses standout pieces, often artwork, as the focal point of her designs.  She adds color and texture through adding accessories that can be inexpensively changed over time or for the seasons. Rather than a bold sofa which can become quickly outdated, she prefers to add pillows and books so a room is always evolving.

As a decorator Tori likes to understand a client's style, timeline and approach.  She is happy to take a room by room approach, tackle a major renovation all at once or work on a new build.  For Tori, the key is to blend the old with the new in a seamless way so that the new space exceeds the client's vision while incorporating their prized possessions into the project.